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Cretan Homes is a company that is dedicated to finding affordable property in Crete. We offer a complete end-to-end service, from initially locating the right property and handling the transaction, through to maintaining your investment. Due to our experience with constructions and renovations, we work all year round on a variety of large and small projects. As a company, we specialise in helping people buy and rent Property in Crete, Land in Crete, Businesses in east Crete, Property to rent in Crete. We are a husband and wife team and have been helping people buy homes in our corner of Crete for over five years. We are located in south-east Crete, in the town of Makrigialos. Yiannis Karavitis, the owner of Cretan Homes, has lived his whole life in Makrigialos and Pefki and it is hard to better his intimate working knowledge of the people and properties in our area. We are members of the HELLENIC REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION which is the only Certified Institution for property in Greece.


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