Cosmote Mobile Telephony In Greece

Cosmote Mobile Telephony In Greece, is the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Greece with an estimated market share of approximately 38%. Cosmote’s main shareholder is OTE, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, which owns 67% of the total share capital Cosmote has constructed a high capacity network covering over 99.6% of the Greek population, 95.4% of the Greek mainland and islands and 98.4% of Greece’s territorial waters as of June 2005. The Company’s principal business is the provision of a complete range of mobile telecommunications services including contract and pre-paid services, international dialing and roaming, value added services, including voicemail (“VMS”), short message services (“SMS”), multimedia messaging service (“MMS”) call diversion, caller identification, as well as a variety of advanced value added services using WAP, SIM microbrowser, Voice Recognition and GPRS technologies. Cosmote has roaming agreements with 185 countries.


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