Corfu car hire in Corfu

Corfu car hire in Corfu is a locally based company operating since 1994. Through our local network of cooperating travel agencies, hotels and representatives you can hire a car from us at any resort in Corfu and we have offices in Sidari, Roda and Aharavi. Comparing our offers with those of the large international car companies operating in Corfu you will find us being up to 40% cheaper. We also have a much better insurance policy giving you as standard what others charge you extra for. We are proud of having served thousands of satisfied customers over the years. We commit to continue our high standards of service so more and more people who visit Corfu can hire a car and explore our beautiful island in comfort and safety. We have a fleet of 60 cars of different types and sizes. Most of our cars are only months old as we buy new vehicles every year. Also they all have air conditioning and power steering as standard. Corfu car hire philosophy is to offer good cars at reasonable prices


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