Climbing In Kalymnos, Greece

Climbing in Kalymnos, Greece is a very recent history. Only in 1996, an Italian couple of climbers have discovered Kalymnos as a climbers’ paradise. The island offers a great number and variety of lime stone rocks with different kinds of difficulty degrees (overhangs, caves with stalactites, slabs). At the moment there are about 44 crags with more than 500 single pitch routes. There are also some multi-pitch routes available. As there are still many “virgin” climbing areas on Kalymnos, the equipping of routes is still going on (equipment with bolts). There are many ‘easy’ routes (up to 6a) and there is no limit to the upper side. However, to enjoy climbing on Kalymnos, you should have some climbing experience and be able to ‘follow’ a 5c. Our offer includes a 5 day climbing course with an internationally licensed mountain guide (language: English, German, Italian), rent of the general technical material such as rope, quick draws, carabiners.


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