Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki

Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece. Comfort, professionalism and a superb level of services represent the core qualities offered in Capsis 4 star Hotel Thessaloniki. Latest technology designs and recent renovations have made the Capsis Hotel one of the best-known and foremost central hotels in Thessaloniki, being an ideal option for business meetings, conference receptions and tours around the city. The Capsis Hotel, a representative member of the eminent Capsis Hotel Chain, is the largest city hotel in Northern Greece. The hotel’s 412 rooms and 19 Conference multi-use centres are fully supplied with the upgraded technological equipment, aiming to satisfy the demanding needs of modern business people. Air conditioning, heating and telephone access in all rooms. The hotel is carefully designed to enable access and transportation of individuals with special needs throughout all main hotel facilities. The Capsis Hotel is Thessaloniki will meet your needs, whatever they may be.


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