Arxontiko Dilofou traditional houses in Epirus Greece

Arxontiko Dilofou traditional houses in Epirus Greece was a mansion created from the 17th to the 19th century and that now has 7 rooms and suites renovated in traditional style but with all modern facilities. Arxontiko Dilofou mansion is located in the picturesque village of Dilofo which has stayed untouched over the years. In the evening, having returned from your tours enjoy relaxing in company in the warm atmosphere of our fireplace as well as the traditional pies, the local handmade sausages and the various kinds of local cheeses. In the village as well as in the surrounding region you can taste traditional recipes and feel the hospitality of Zagori people. Wonder in the ravine of Vikos, visit Byzantine monasteries or just enjoy the delightful countryside around. Arxontiko Dilofou offers a relaxing atmosphere for a good holiday in Epirus, west Greece.


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