Aqua Team Dive Center in Kythnos Greece

Aqua Team Dive Center in Kythnos island organizes diving courses and programs. At least 30 virgin dive sites await for your exploration. Ten of them are within a 5-minute boat ride from our marina. You can dive in sheltered bays, reefs, shallows, caves, shipwrecks and walls full of lobsters, shrimps and crayfish. Every dive takes place in a different location so that you will never get bored. All programs are conducted in our very warm and friendly environment of Aqua Teams dive shop. For the diving sessions we have very carefully choose the beautiful Laguna or Agios Sarantis beach. With the programs, Discover Snorkeling and Discover Scuba Diving you can enjoy incredible diving experiences as a total novice. No previous experience is necessary and in only two hours you can safely experience the magnificent underwater world with a qualified instructor at your side. Kids can become bubble maker divers and experience first hand the wonders of diving.


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