Alpine Zone Outdoor Activities In Ioannina, Greece

Alpine Zone Outdoor Activities in Greece, is a company based in Ioannina in north-west Greece. Most of the activities are taking place in Pindos the most important mountain chain of Greece. The Alpine Zone gives you the chance to meet the scenic beauty of Northern and Southern Pindos with a wide range of outdoor – mountainous recreation activities which come up to your expectations. Alpine Zone plans and arranges, with great responsibility, programs with activities lasting a few hours or a few days depending on the experience and the physical condition of each person. The ski resort of Vasilitsa is the winter base, while the activity tours cover all the rivers and the mountains of the Epirus region. You can choose between the numerous outdoor multi – activities which include: rafting, kayak, trekking, mountain bike, archery, camping in nature, horse back riding and paragliding.


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