Alpin Club Outdoor Activities In Greece

Alpin Club Outdoor Activities In Greece, is a company based in Evinos aiming to promote outdoor activities and create organized places where these activities could be carried out. Our outdoor activites combines getting in touch with nature, discovering unknown Greek areas, enjoying the adventure and having a good time during every season of the year. By designing and implementing new leading ideas, the Alpin Club offers the possibility of choosing holiday and activity programs that are constantly being renewed, so as to satisfy everybody΄ wants and needs. Our activities are enhanced by the security and responsibility that have been a part of the Alpin Club΄ long journey. Choose between outdoor activities such as rafting, hot dog, mono raft, hydro raft, kayak, archery, flying fox, hiking, mountain bike, ski, snowboard, canyoning and many more in order to exercise, relax and make your activity holidays in Greece unforgettable.


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