Alkioni Studios and Apartments in Lesvos

Alkioni Studios and Apartments in Lesvos, Greece in the north-eastern Aegean, the third largest island of Greece with unique beauties and tourist sights. Our new studios are on Vatera beach. They are well-done and in excellent situation, constituting the ideal solution for relaxed holidays because they are spacious with all the essential services and comforts for this aim, including kitchen, fridge, air conditioning and TV. The beach has a football and volleyball court as well as pedal boats and canoes for the more athletic. Nearby in Vrissa Village there is the Museum of Natural History with an amazing collection of Palaeolithic fossils, ancient fish, fossilized bones of and various other animals, rocks and plants of the area, or you might like to visit Polichnitos Thermal Springs which are listed as the hottest mineral springs in Europe (60 – 90 degrees). Whatever you want from a holiday, Alkioni Studios will ensure you have a nice place to stay on the lovely island of Lesvos.


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