Alfa Horse Riding In Kos, Dodecanese Islands

Alfa Horse Riding In Kos, Dodecanese Islands, is based close to the beautiful village Amaniou on the road from Amaniou to Asfendiou/Zia in a region called “Palio Pyli”. Alfa-Horse is owned by a German couple settled on Kos Island in 2000 after a long period of being just holidaymakers on the beautiful island of Kos. All our horses were been trained in Germany, the ponies came from pony stables in Niedersachsen. We offer only trained and reliable horses and ponies for our riding guests. You can share different horseback riding trips. Each ride will show you the beautiful nature of Kos Island, partly combined with some historical impressions and visits of small locations without tourism. We ride only in small groups with 3-5 persons to give our coach the chance to look after everybody. We can also provide horse riding for disable children and therapeutic riding programs.


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