Acheloides Hotel traditional houses in Thessaly Greece

Acheloides Hotel traditional houses in Thessaly Greece offers affordable luxury for all. The traditional architecture combines stone and wood in absolute harmony. Open all year round, the hotel is situated in the village of Kallirroi and belongs to the Community of Aspropotamou Trikala. Wooden traditional furniture, comfortable bedrooms, handmade carpets with warm colours and patterns, all are carefully setup to give the suitable atmosphere. Unique interior places give you the sense of luxury and traditional spirit. With an incredible view from all rooms of huge green landscapes of trees and high mountains, you can feel the unbelievable energy of nature.The walks along the forest path in the clear mountain air excite your senses. A range of outdoor activities are available nearby including kayaking, rafting, cycling, horse riding, skiing and snowboarding. The Hotel Acheloides manages to combine comfort and tradition providing a high level of service and hospitality for a great holiday


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