Spiliopoulio Pathological Hospital

The Pathological Hospital “Spiliopoulio Saint Helen” first opened its doors as a hospital for war victims.

“SAINT HELEN” named after the charity organization, was founded in 1916 with Chairman the Archbishop of Athens, Theoklitos.

In 1922 MR. Haralambous Spiliopoulos in his will, donated an amount which led to the building of a second wing on condition that a version of his name would be added to the title, Hence:”SPILIOPOULIO”

Development Course:

  • Blood pressure machinery and heart stress tests, all operate in a unified, operational area thus offering a high level of care and service.
  • All examinations are carried out with highly efficient and contemporary equipment, which ensure speed and reliability in producing results.
  • The pharmacy has been transferred to a new area and the computerization system has decively reduced by 50%, expenses for medicines as well as increasing and improving the income of the hospital as a hole.

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