Sismanoglio General Hospital of Attica

sismanoglio hospital

The Sismanoglio General Hospital is an independent unit of the second Regional Health System of the Prefecture of Attica.

The Hospital’s building facilities consist of 35,000 m2 located on an area of 18 acres. It is the only hospital in the Attica basin that has followed a planned schedule of development since 1986.

Based on this plan, all new hospital wings were designed and built to cover the needs of the growing population of the northern suburbs and neighbouring Municipalities.

The Hospital Management’s vision is to expand existing medical specialties by adding unique programs. These additions will serve to fully utilize medical and technological equipment that will become available for more people by providing efficient and specialized treatment of the hospital’s patients.

A goal is to fully computerise the services of the hospital to enable the public to communicate more effectively with the various departments and ultimately manage the revenue and expenditure operations with greater speed in order to self finance such projects as the refurbishing of the old building’s wards creating double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, etc.

The Sismanoglio General Hospital is on duty for the following incidents: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Urology, Pneumology, Thoracic Surgery, Psychiatry, Ear-nose-and-Throat and Vascular Surgery

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