Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki

psychiatric hospital of thessaloniki

The Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki comprises a Specialized Hospital with extensive activities in the provision of services in the special sector of mental health, through the Network of Community Services operating in the county of Thessaloniki as well as through its operation as an educational institution.

The Psychiatric Hospital is a social reality. Individuals from any kind of social and educational status – if such a differentiation is desired – ask for its services.

The personnel that works in the units developed by the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, which is now a Specialized Hospital, provides its services so that the patients can “pick up again” the thread of their lives.

The Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki engages in activities directed at the most important aspect of mental health, which is life in the community where we all live and work. Nowadays, the high fences that used to “hide” mental illness from the outside world do not exist any more.

All the doctors (psychiatrists and doctors of other specializations) as well as trainee doctors comprise the main bulk of the medical service that work in intramural and extramural units of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki. The staff also includes the paramedical staff, the psychologists and the social workers.

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