Health Care Center of Plomari

The Health Care center of Plomari has 7 beds and it is responsible for the following 10 public surgeries:

  • Public Surgery of Plagia
  • Public Surgery of Akrasi
  • Public Surgery of Paleochori
  • Public Surgery of Agiassos
  • Public Surgery of Paleokipos
  • Public Surgery of Papados
  • Public Surgery of Loutra
  • Public Surgery of Skopelos
  • Public Surgery of Kato Tritos
  • Public Surgery of Ippios

The Health Care Center of Plomari maintains a museum of medical instruments from the previous century.

The Health Care Center of Plomari participates in the following research projects on Telemedicine:

  • VSAT

The above mentioned projects investigate methods of supporting the physicians of the Health Care Center by specialized colleagues of Tertiary Hospitals of the Athens area.

The Health Care Center of Plomari uses Electronic Healthcare Record (EHCR) technology in every day practice, since spring 1997, in order to achieve the efficient creation, management and processing of patient records.

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