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Music Of Crete

Discovering the Richness and Variety of the Music of Greece and Crete

"...My curiosity was stirred up by a local festival of Greek music and dance that featured some of the top traditional music ensembles from Greece. I spent a weekend enjoying the music -- and getting an unexpected education. One of the groups played mountain music from Epirus on a pair of clarinets, a violin, a long necked laouto and drum...

... A second group presented the dance music of Crete. Vasilis Skoulas, accompanied by guitar, laouto, and mandolin, played the lyra, a pear-shaped fiddle which I learned is the principal traditional instrument of Crete. Alternating his vocals and instrumental breaks in a kind of call and response, Skoulas' music was entirely different -- driving, intense and exhilarating..."

orthodox church in Santorini

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