Athens Observatory
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Athens Observatory

national observatory of athens

The Athens Observatory is the oldest research center in Greece. The Observatory of Athens was founded in 1842 with a donation from the national benefactor George Sinas.

The astronomical observations started in September 1846, after the completion of the central neoclassical building on the hill of Nymphs at Thiseio area, facing the Acropolis.

In 1890 the Observatory was reorganized as a governmental research center with the name National Observatory of Athens, and was expanded with the addition to the Astronomical Department of two new, the Meteorological and the Seismological. In 1942 the Departments were named Institutes and in 1955 the Ionosphere Institute, was added.

In 1999 the names of the institutes of Athens Observatory were updated, as follows:

  • Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development
  • Institute of Geodynamics
  • Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing.

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