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National Theater in Athens

national theater in athens





The National Theater in Athens was a gift of 10,000 pounds from Efstratios Rallis, King George I who decided to build it in Athens on 1880. In 1891 the foundations are laid on Saint Konstantinou Street.

The Theater is built according to a design by the well-known Austrian architect Ernst Ziller, who was responsible for a number of other public buildings in Athens.

On 24 November, 1901, the Royal Theater opens its doors to the public. It remains active for 9 years and it is re-opened on May 30, 1930, as the National Theater of Greece.

All important actors and actresses of Greece have performed at the National Theater of Greece: The company operates five stages - three at the old historic theater site and two at its new theater - all dedicated to the very best aspects of ancient, classic and modern theater.

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