Universities in Greece

Universities in Greece – Undergraduate

Graduates of Greek High Schools (Lyceum) have access to Greek Universities through competitive national entrance examinations.

Also, the following categories of candidates may have access to Greek Universities, according to special provisions regarding their admission:

1. Universities in Greece – International candidates

Foreign citizens granted scholarships by the Greek government External link on condition that neither the candidates themselves nor their parents have Greece Nationality or citizenship.



2. Universities in Greece – Greek-origin candidates:

  • Children of Greeks living abroad who are graduates of Greek Upper Secondary Schools (Lykeia)
  • Children of Greek employees working abroad in Greek public governmental agencies or in international organizations where Greece participates, who are graduates of Greek Upper Secondary Schools (Lykeia)
  • Greek graduates of foreign Upper Secondary Schools operating abroad

3. Universities in Greece – Cypriots candidates

The selection of candidates, who enter a Faculty or Department of Higher Education, is carried out by a decision of the Ministry of Education. Both Faculties and Departments, where the candidates are admitted to, have been written on the candidates’ application-entry forms. The candidate is enrolled only at the Faculty/Department he/she is selected for. With regard to the registration, the selected candidate should follow a special registration procedure.

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