Stamatis Spanoudakis

Stamatis Spanoudakis

Stamatis Spanoudakis was born in Athens Greece. Very early on he began
to occupy himself with music. He first studied Classical music (guitar and theory).

He later played guitar and keyboards in a number of bands, in the sixties and the seventies, in Athens, Paris and London where he lived and recorded his first albums.

Stamatis Spanoudakis was later attracted again to Classical music and returned to his studies of composition, first in Konstantinos Kydoniatis. He was then attracted to his third love – Byzantine music, which led him to Greek songwriting and instrumental music. Since then he is consciously trying to reconcile his three musical influences (Rock, classical and Byzantine), in his music.

Stamatis Spanoudakis wrote numerous hit songs (words and music) for most major Greek singers. He
also wrote the music for many successful films in Greece, Germany and Italy, for the theater and television and has recorded so far more than fifty albums. Since 1994, Spanoudakis concentrates
on instrumental music, on Greek historical or religious themes, a music that has an unprecedent appeal, with all his records turning gold and platinum, with minimum effort and very rare appearances in public.

Brides, the soundtrack by Stamatis Spanoudakis

brides by stamatis spanoudakisBrides (Nifes) is the new, 11th film directed by Pantelis Voulgaris and is produced by Martin Scorsese. Victoria Charalambidou and Damian Lewis star in the story of Niki (Charalambidou), a dressmaker from Samothraki, and the American photographer Norman (Lewis) in the summer of 1922 in Smyrni. Niki is one of the 700 ‘mail-order’
brides who are being chosen from photos and come from every edge of Greece, Turkey, Russia and Armenia, all of who carry the picture of an unknown groom. Niki is travelling to find and marry Prodromos, a tailor but onboard ship a concealed love develops between herself
and Norman, a romance against the ‘do’s and don’t do’s’ of the turbulent era.

The music is composed by Stamatis Spanoudakis. With an astonishing group of solo musicians, Spanoudakis manages to create the perfect musical veil on which the poetic images and the touching story of love and intense romance unfold.

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