Santorini Weather

Santorini Weather is similar to the weather conditions of the other Cyclades islands, which have hot, sunny summers and dry, mild winters with very little rainfalls. Therefore, Santorini climate is ideal for the visitors.

Because it seldom rains during May to October, the visitors can take advantage on the hot summer days but sometimes precaution is recommended because of the hot sun.

Usually, in the evenings the temperature is quite cool and a sweater is required.

During the tourist season, from April to September, the weather is bright and sunny in Santorini. From September only, the island can have some cloudy days. Sometimes, the degree of the humidity has an impact on the weather that can be so clear that even the mountains from Crete (which is 70 nautical miles away) can be seen. Hence, Santorini weather is good enough to take good pictures of the volcano.

Santorini has no rivers or other water supplies, hence the locals used to fill water cisterns from the rain that fall on their roofs. They exploited small springs which formed during rains but also had to import it from other areas of Greece. However, now there is a desalination plant that provides water for use, but it’s nonpotable.

In addition, conditions which are perfect for observation, videos, and photographs, under an impressive variety of colors and natural lights, are easily favored by the sunshine and the dry climate.

Between mid July and mid August strong winds called “Meltemi” are frequent at the Aegean Sea. These winds, which blow from north or northeast, start suddenly and can blow continuously for several days.

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