Towns, Museums and Sightseeing In Santorini

santorini church

Fira is located on the western part of the island, over a precipitous rock of 260 m, and it became the capital of Santorini early in the 19th century. The city also hosts: the Archaeological Museum of Santorini, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, the cathedral of Christ, the cathedral of Hypapandi, a series of beautiful churches and monasteries like that of Saint Minas, the monastery of Panagia of Dominikanidon and Panagiaof Rodariou.

Saint Nicolaos Marmarites at Emporeio, is located in Santorini and is a grave monument with the shape of a small, square temple, made entirely of grey marble.

On the way to Kamari, right near Mesa Gonia, there is the Byzantine Church of Episkopi , a four column church with dome.

The George Emmanuel Argyros Mansion is situated in the village of Messaria and is one of the most important recent architectural monuments of Santorini.

What makes Santorini unique are the panoramas offered by the sun which “melts” at evening in the cool waters of Aegean Sea, making the island a very romantic place, suitable for a wedding and, of course, for the honeymoon. Oia is a romantic place because of its beautiful panoramas that tourists admire at the sunset. What make Oia famous are the sunsets as there is absolutely hush at the edge of the island when the sun “falls” into the Aegean Sea where the tourists arrive in great number.

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