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Santorini is famous for its beaches, especially the beaches of white, black or red sand, where the sun shines brightly, beaches that offer the tourists the opportunity to admire the beautiful sunsets, to swim or practice water sports in the cool, blue and crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Santorini’s most well-known beaches are: Perissa, Kamari, Monolithos and the Red beach

These beaches have in common black sand and deep blue waters. Even their position is similar, since they are located on the eastern part of the island, an area in Santorini loved by travelers. Many hotels and rooms, taverns, café, bars and beach-bars are offered around the areas.

Kamari beach in Santorini is situated on the opposite side of Perissa, having in the middle an enormous rock, ‘Messa Vouno’, which is rising from the sea. Kamari is a beautiful black sandy beach that
stretches for five miles offering the tourists the opportunity to practice a number of sports like: water skiing, windsurfing and paddleboats. The beach is pebbled but it offers you a wonderful landscape because of its volcano which ‚”vanishes” abruptly on the southern side of the island. The visitor may as well make use of the loungers or step into the enormous shops and bars.

The beach of Perissa in Santorini is situated at 15 kilometers away from Fira. The same volcano represents an attraction especially at night when it is lighted. However, the clear blue sea and the unique black lava sand are its main attractions. The village Perissa offers comfortable accommodation and an impressive long, black sandy beach.

The beach of Monolithos in Santorini is situated on the eastern coast of Santorini, north of Kamari. This is a quieter and more peaceful beach of Santorini (despite the fact that it is in the area of the airport), which offers bungalows facilities for snacks and meals. In addition, at this beach the tourist can find:
trees at the back of the beach for shade seekers, a football pitch, a basketball court and a nice play area for children. However, the beach suffers from the strong wind which rattles across the sand. However,
if it is not a windy day the tourist can spend a wonderful time here because the beach has so much to offer.

The Red Beach in Santorini is also known as Akrotiri beach because of the nearest village with the same name. It is located 8 km south-west from Fira and it is considered one of the most famous and beautiful Santorini beaches. The reason for its attraction is the red and black volcanic rocks behind it. The view is superb because of its sand which is both black and reddish and also because of the rock which turns gradually white. This is why the next beach near it, is called The white beach. There also are many sun loungers and shades and many pebbles in front of the clear water which make for a challenging setting and one to enjoy. Due to the red rocks snorkeling is very good.

More beaches in Santorini

Vlihada beach in Santorini is situated in the Perivolos areas and it is a safe place to find tranquility and to avoid the big crowd.

Perivolos beach in Santorini is located on the southern part of the island and it has many small taverns and rooms opposite the beach. It includes many sport facilities. 

Saint Georgios beach in Santorini is located at a distance of 0,5 km from Perivolos and it is suitable for those who prefer a peaceful holiday where to swim at their ease.

Below the town Oia, that impressive town built on the edge of the ‘caldera’ cliff, there are two superb beaches: Ammoudi and Armeni. Ammoudi is situated right below Oia, while Armeni is further on.

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