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Sakis Rouvas (Σάκης Ρουβάς in Greek) was born in Corfu on January 5, 1972. It wasn’t long before music and song became a part of his life.

Artistic gymnastics was his other passion and he has won exceptional national awards. He also excelled at pole vaulting and, being the exceptional talent that he was, became a member of the Greek National Team.

Sakis Rouvas is a very popular Greek singer, as well as an actor and a model, who has sold over 200,000 records in Greece. He has been known by many throughout Europe since 2002, and became very loved in 2004, (as one of the favourites to win) when he won the third place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul for Greece with the smash hit Shake It!

He is a multi-platinum selling artist who has collaborated with countless top names in the Greek music industry, and outside, such as world-famous song-writer Desmond Child. Sakis is also happy to have been officially declared years ago as Greece’s best stage performer and contemporary male artist, and to have the largest fanclub for over a decade.

Sakis Rouvas first steps

sakis rouvas

In 1991, Sakis Rouvas makes his first professional appearance at the Show Centre in Athens where he is discovered by Polygram and offered his first record contract.

Just a few months later, he makes his unbelievable debut through a performance at the Thessaloniki Song Festival. The song “Parta” (“Take Them”), with music by Nikos Terzis and lyrics by Georgos Pavrianos, wins first place and Sakis gets his first taste of enthusiastic fans who immediately feel that a new star is being born!

Sakis Rouvas & Burat Kud

On 19 May 1997, Sakis Rouvas takes a step toward peace and reconciliation by appearing with the Turkish pop star, Burat Kud, in a “binational” concert on the Green Line in Cyprus. The concert, for which Sakis won the Ipeksi Award for understanding and cooperation, becomes the leading global news story, triggering political repercussions. Georgos Papandreou and Konstantinos Mitsotakis won the same award that year.

Sakis Rouvas and Burak Kud also record the duet together for the Walt Disney movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Since 1996, Sakis has had the largest fan club in Greece, “SRFC”, which has thousands of members from countries in all parts of the world

Sakis Rouvas & Nana Mouskouri

In October 2004, Sakis Rouvas appears as a guest in three large concerts given by his friend and ultimate Greek performer, Nana Mouskouri. Sakis appears for the first time at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall (4/10) as well as at the Athens Concert Hall (“Megaro Mousikis”) (10-11/10), making an excellent impression.

Sakis Rouvas in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest

In 2004, he represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the song Shake It by Nick Terzis, which gained Greece third place in the competition.

Sakis Rouvas in Eurovision 2006

sakis rouvas

Sakis Rouvas had a great opportunity to develop another talent in Eurovision 2006. Sakis Rouvas and Maria Menounos are the two presenters of the Semi-Finals (18/05) and Finals (20/05) that, of course, take place in Athens.

The challenge is great, and the result completely justifies his decision as the next day everyone is taking about his flawless presentation.

At the Semi-finals, Sakis opens the evening by singing the English hit “Let the Sun Shine” with Maria Menounos. A little later on, he performs “S’Eho Erotefthei” (I am in love with you) in English by himself.

Sakis Rouvas Music Awards

For four consecutive years, he monopolises the Greek Music Awards “Pop Corn”, winning the award for Best New Artist, Best Song, Best Stage Presence and many more. The artist with the best stage presence collaborates with some of the biggest names in the business, like Tolis Voskopoulos, Anna Vissi, and Kaite Garmpi.

Sakis Rouvas – Awards:

  • 5th Arion Awards, Pop Singer (CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”), Pop Album (CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”)
  • 4th Arion Awards, Highest CD Single Sales (CD Single “Shake It”)
  • 3rd Arion Awards, Pop Singer (CD “To Chrono Stamatao”)
  • 1st Arion Awards, Pop Singer (CD “Disco Girl”)

Sakis Rouvas – Mad Video Music Awards :

  • 2007 Best dance video clip of the year: “Ola Giro Sou Girizoun” (Everything Revolves Around You)
  • 2006, Best Video by a Male Artist (“Na m’Agapas”) Best Dressed Artist in a Video (“Mila Tis”)
  • 2004, Sexiest Artist in the Video (“Pes Tis)

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