Sakis Rouvas – Alter Ego

sakis rouvas alter ego

In the movie Alter Ego, Sakis Rouvas will play lead singer of a fictitious band.

The story follows 5 young artists on their way to the top in a rock band and, who come to face their “inner fears, wishes and ultimately true selves”.

Alter Ego is directed by Giorgos Koryiannitis who is mainly known for his work in advertising. The script was overseen by Vana Dimitriou and the up-and-coming Nikos Dimitropoulos who made a powerful debut abroad in advertising and television.

The film’s soundtrack “Zise ti Zoi”, (Ζήσε τη Ζωή in Greek), was penned in association with Antonis Vardis, and words with Vasili Giannopoulou. Greek heart-throb will make their acting debut in the movie ‘Alter Ego’ which was shot entirely in Athens and Thessaloniki. Village Roadshow Productions, one of the biggest film companies in Greece.

Alter Ego, trailer video from the movie

The film stars both classic artists and emerging talent like: Sakis Rouvas, Danai Skiadi Alexandros Logothetis, “Gamilia Narki”, Dimitris Kouroumbalis Kostis Kallivretakis, Doretta Papadimitriou, and Laertis Malkotsis.

President and Managing Director of the Village Roadshow group, Mr. Haris Antonopoulos, had this to say about the new production:

“There is no doubt that Sakis will shine as usual and the actors surrounding him are talented and on-the-rise. We were hoping to “sign” fresh talent with substantial theatrical training and we achieved that. Giorgos is the ideal choice for director because we need a modern, alternative eye for this movie. We are sure he will make it take off!

Our goal is for this production to be a starting point for future Greek movies with new, talented people and an emphasis on production quality in terms of both the specialised training of the technicians and the theatrical background of the artists.”

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