Butterfly Valley In Rhodes

The Valley of the Butterflies in Rhodes is a unique and beautiful natural spot in Rhodes Island. The Valley located about 25 km from Rhodes City, in the western side of the island, about 5 km SE of the village of Theologos.

During August, thousands of butterflies overwhelm the valley in order to reproduce.

Towards the end of May, the butterflies emerge in the forms recognizable to all of us and constantly move to areas of highest humidity, reaching the valley in August.

Mainly due to disturbance caused by visitors in the latest years, the population of butterflies is in decline. However, visitors should not be denied the enjoyment of seeing these lovely creatures but it is prohibited to disturb the butterflies in any way (i.e. whistling, hand clapping).

Within the forest there are shady walks and a restaurant overlooking a waterfall. The valley is lush and a river is running through it. At the entrance you can find a souvenir shop. The “Museum of Natural History” is located in a part of the valley.

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