Rhodes Archaeological Museum

Rhodes Archaeological Museum was the Hospital of the Kings.

The Hospital was one of the most important buildings during the rule of the Knights and comprises a large interior courtyard surrounded by a two-storey colonnade.

The Archaeological museum houses different collections consisting of tomb groups from ancient Ialysos, holding items like vases, metal objects, figurines, jewels, and tomb groups from ancient Kamiros, holding items such as vases and other small objects, collection of sculptures, mosaic floors and funerary slabs from the period of the Knights.




Rhodes Archaeological Museum most important items are:

  • Amphora of Fikellura,
  • Kylix of Vroulian
  • Black-figure Attic amphora
  • Marble head of an athlete
  • Marble head of Helios
  • Marble statue of a nude squatting Aphrodite

The full admonition costs only 3€ and the admission for students outside the EU countries and the citizens of EU aged over 65 costs only 3€. University students from EU and Greece can enter free, as well as journalists and any person under 18 years old. There are also some specials days when no one has to pay the admission ticket.

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