Rhodes Medieval Town

medieval castle in Rhodes

Rodes medieval town is a monument characterized by UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage.

In Rodes medieval town, the town of the Knights of the Order of St John, you feel that time has stopped in another age.The Street of the Knights climbs to the Palace of the Grand Master, strikingly dominant. You’ll follow the paved alleys, under gateways and colonnades, through squares and obscure courtyards, next to impregnable walls and Byzantine churches.

Rhodes Medieval town developed around a fortress built probably just after the earthquake of 515 AD. The fortress was divided into two parts: The Kollakio or Kollako to the north and the Burgh or Hora to the south. The Kollakio includes the Street of Knights, the Palace of the Grand Master (Castello), leaders, the Hospital (today’s museum), the official churches of the Order and other important buildings. The Hora includes the Turkish bazaar around Suleiman’s mosque, the old market (Socrates Street) and other buildings.

Within the Rhodes Medieval Town you can visit: Pili Elefterias, the Byzantine Museum, Panagia tou Kastrou, the Mosque of Suleiman, Simis square, Ippokratous square, The Palace of The Grand Masters, The Minaret of the old city and the Great Hamam, the Rhodes Archaeological Museum, the clock tower and fhe famous Rhodes street of Knights (Ippoton street).

This fascinating combination of yesterday and today charms visitors and brings home to them the uniqueness of the largest living medieval town in Europe!

There are 11 gates that allow the visitor to enter the Medieval Town of Rhodes. There are six major entrances to the medieval town, as well as several small ones. The main gates are: D’ Amboise Gate to the north-west, Saint Athanasios Gate to the south-west, Koskinou Gate, to the south, Saint Aikaterini Gate, leading to the harbour, Porta Marina, Saint PavlosGate to the north and Freedom Gate.

Gate Ekaterinis is the most popular and impressive of all the eleven gates.The gate of Elefterias is located in front of the Simi square, very close to the Municipality Gallery of Rhodes and the Rhodes Archaeological Museum. The gate of Amboise is the gate you will see in any painting or photo of the Medieval Town. Panagia Gate is located very close to the commercial port, while Saint Ioannou Gate is located just above the Diagoras football stadium.

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