Metaxa Greek Brandy

Metaxa, the famous Greek brandy

Metaxa brandy Metaxa is distinguished as the most famous Greek spirit worldwide. It is misled as a brandy but in actual fact is something more.

Thus, when we are talking about Metaxa we refer to this unique spirit and not to a brandy product.

Metaxa is produced from Savatiano, Sultanina and Black Corinth, twice distilled, married with aged muscat wine from Samos & Lemnos, blended with a secret botanical mix and then aged in hand made limousine oak casks.

Metaxa is a special Greek spirit invented by a silk trader named Spyros Metaxas. This happened in 1888 in Attica region, the province of Athens. Since then, the product has earned world recognition for its quality, color and taste.

The product has been marketed very well all around the world and became famous
creating a very large number of dedicated lovers. Expressions of admiration and
adjectives like “The Elixir of Life”, “The Nectar of the Gods”, “The Blessed
Spirit” accompanied Metaxa from its birth, till this very day!

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