Greek Honey

Greek Honey

greek honeyGreek Honey is unique and it has specific physical and chemical characteristics. Its supreme quality reflects the country’s long sunshine periods and the abrupt changes in the landscape.

This special landscape makes Greek flora so rich, that from the 7500 different species of plants growing in Greece, 850 of them are found exclusively here. That is the explanation why certain varieties of honey (e.g. Thyme Honey) do not exist anywhere else in the world.

There are varieties of Greek honey that come from coniferous trees, and others that come from flowers and aromatic plants. As a result of the particularities of Greek landscape, the honey comes from a large variety of plants, where a certain flower dominates the rest and so it characterizes that particular variety.

Greeks have always been exporting honey. It is a traditional Greek product
with many productive areas throughout the country. The best honey in
comes from thyme, by far the best honey in the world.

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