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The weather in Paros is similar to the weather in any of islands of the Cyclades. The typical Mediterranean weather means hot and sunny summers and mild, but damp and windy winters. During the nights the atmosphere is very humid.

Meltemi“, the strong north wind, blow during late July and mid August. Because of the island’s location the winds are very strong.

However, they are great for windsurfing. Hence every year the Windsurfing World Championship is organized in Paros, in New Golden Beach.

The breeze makes the temperatures comfortable in hot summers but in spring and autumn the wind is chilly.

If you are planning to travel to Paros, here is some information that might interest you.

In March the weather can be cold and damp so you should bring some warm clothes because not all hotels have heating. In March you can only experience the culture of Paros.

April is little milder than March and is recommended for nature walks but the sea is still very cold. May is ideal if you like to stay in the sun but hate the hot summer months.

The sunbathing and swim season opens in May and the rain suddenly disappears.

June has the ideal summer conditions, great for swimming and sunbathing, not very hot but chilly during the nights. July and August are very hot.

Septembers looks a lot like June but occasional rainfall is possible and is windier than June. But September is great for swimming because the water is still warm.

October is never the same: either like September or like April. November is a lot like March and April but with some luck the weather can be good for cultural escapes.

If you are planning to take boat trips, pay attention to the weather forecasts. The winds may be calm but they can change dramatically within minutes as the Aegean Sea is the most dangerous sea in the world.

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