Paros, Naoussa

Naoussa the traditional fishing village

Naoussa , the pretty fishing village , became rapidly a very popular tourist resort. The heart of the village is the tiny fishing harbor, packed with traditional fishing boats. The harbor is surrounded by cafes and restaurants.

The village is postcard perfect and in the afternoons you actually have to wait in line to take a photo, while at nights you have to wait your turn to walk the promenade around the harbor.

Naoussa is known to be among the most beautiful fishing ports in Greece.

Naoussa is located about 10 km away from Parikia, scattered around a little hill with a church on its peak. It is the most important town after Parikia and is the second biggest in the Paros Island.

The food is also awesome in Naoussa. Don’t forget to enjoy the traditional ouzo and eat “gouna”. Gouna is octopus seasoned and grilled. Near the small church in the harbor there are tables with octopus sitting in the sun.

The village is a very popular attraction for Athenians and you can hardly see any foreigners in the town. The restaurants in the town serve great food and reasonable prices.

The town also offers great beaches. One of the best beaches is Kolimbithres, famous for its strange rock formations. For those who love to bathe nude there is Monastiri, the beach known to be “officially” the meeting place of nudists. Santa Marina is the ideal beach if you want to Wind Surf. If you want to Scuba Dive you can do it in Naoussa.

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