Paros Beaches

Paros beaches are very nice as all Cyclades Islands beaches. You can choose to spend some time bathing in the sun on one of the main beaches on the island.

These include: Martselo & Krios, Livadia  and Aktaia, Kalakonas, Piperi Beach, Kolimbithres, Monastiri Beach, Langeri, Santa Maria, Ambelas, Molos & Marmara, Pisso Livadi, Logaras, Pounda Beach, Farangas, Akrotiri, Agia Irini, Parasporos and  Delphini Beach

Martselo & Krios beaches are located opposite the Parikia harbor. They are in fact two long, wide beaches in one. You can listen to music, get something to eat, enjoy ice-cream or pay beach volley. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white, not to mention you get to see nice views of the Parikia town and harbor. You can get to the beach my taxi (about 5-10 minutes from Parikia).

Livadia beach is Parikia’s main beach. The beach is divided into several sections and it stretches all around the bay. The beach is located near some shops, restaurants and bars.  On the other hand, Kalakonas is a small, quite beach visited usually by locals.

Piperi Beach is Naoussa’s main in-town-beach and is located at about 250 meters from the town’s fishing port. It’s a nice place to swim and to enjoy beautiful views the town and the bay.

Kolimbithres beach is one of the most popular beaches in Paros located on the opposite side of the Naoussa Bay. The impressive rocks formations divide the beach into lovely sections which allows to you find an intimate place to stay. However, during high season the beach is very full. There are chairs and umbrellas available, as well as natural shades. There are also beach bars and taverns. The beach is also popular for the water sports, mainly water sky.

Molos beach is located near the small village of Marmara. It is hardly visited and is the best place if you are looking for a quite beach. However, the water is deep so make sure you know how to swim. You can also enjoy lovely views towards Naxos. The place is also ideal for wind surfing, when the winds are right.

Parasporos beach is a big beach located in the south-east part of Parikia. There are a campsite and a beach bar at the north end. The beach is sandy and the water is deep.

Other popular beaches include Santa Maria Beach, located on the north-east tip of the island, Golden Beach, located in the south-east part of the island famous among windsurfers, Pounda beach, one of the most famous beaches in Paros, similar to Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Agia Irini beach, located south of Parikia, to name just a few.

For those who are looking for nude bathing, there is Monastiri Beach near Naoussa, known to be the official beach for nude bathing. The beach is very popular during the high season. The beach is located at the end of the bay. The bay is a very popular spot for the private yachts. Overlooking the beach there are a tavern and a music bar and during the same there are a lot of concerts and public beach parties.

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