Helena Paparizou

Biography of Helena Paparizou

Helena PaparizouHelena Paparizou was born and raised in Sweden from Greek parents.

Helena’s Paparizou artistic talents and anxiousness to excel in them were revealed
at a very early age. More specifically, Helena’s talents revolved around singing, dancing and acting.

Wanting to involve herself and excel in her talents, Helena began her studies of these arts even while she was still in school.

One of Helena’s Paparizou significant turning points in her life was with the creation of Antique, a group she created with her good child hood friend, Niko at the age of seventeen.

Almost immediately, Antique signed their first record label contract with the then newly founded record label Bonnier in Sweden. Their debut single “Opa Opa” became a huge hit, reaching number one on the single charts and gaining a gold status.


Helena Paparizou

Europe dances to the beat of “My Number One“, since Helena Paparizou and
the Greek entry won first place in the Eurovision Song Contest

This day will go down in history for Greece, since it won Europe’s biggest music contest for the first time ever. Helena Paparizou and “My Number One” wowed European audiences, which gave Greece first place in the Eurovision Song Contest with 230 points. Malta
and their song “Angel” came second, followed by Romania, Latvia and Moldova.

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