Mykonos weather

Mykonos’s weather is famous for sunshine and wind. As a part of the Cyclades, Mykonos’ climate is almost identical to the other islands: mild winters, dry, hot summer. This is a true Mediterranean climate.

Rain falls mainly between February and March but it’s infrequent. High temperatures are reached during the summer months. However, because of the cooler winds the temperature may be lower (28oC).

During the winter season temperature may reach 15 degrees in Mykonos.

In comparison to other islands from the Aegean Sea, the Mykonos’s geographical position has influenced the climate conditions, hence the temperatures gets 2 degrees cooler in the summer and 2 degrees warmer in the winter. This has an impact on the island’s vegetation as the growing season starts from early winter and ends in mid summer.

There are two kinds of winds affect Mykonos. During the winter, heaving winds blow from south and often bring along electrical storms. The most famous is “Sirocco” which blows during spring and often brings send from the Mediterranean Sea in the form of a red rain.

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