Panagia Paraportiani In Mykonos

paraportiani Mykonos

The Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Paraportiani in Mykonos, which dates back to 15th century, is the most famous church in Mykonos. Its strategic position on a promontory facing the sea shows off its unique architecture which is easily photographed. The church is the most important element of the “kastro” or the castle area which is considered to be the most antic part of the town.

The church received the name “Paraportiani” because it can be reached by the side door that belonged to the medieval castle of Mykonos.

The sloping, which is made up of four white chapels with vernacular and Byzantine idioms, has been considered “a confectioner’s dream gone mad”. This architectural masterpiece made up of five chapels (four built on the ground, and the fifth on the roof) is built above Saint Efstathios (ask directions) and it can be reached by an exterior stone staircase which is situated on its eastern side.

Saint Efstathios situated in the eastern part of the church and touching on Saints Anargyroi and Saint Sozontas (two old churches built on line) is situated at the floor of the church. The chapel, Saint Anastasia that touches on Ayioi Anargyroi, is located on the south. It is thus named “paraportiri” because it is situated near the small gate, “the side door”.

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