Towns, Museums And Sightseeing In Mykonos

The largest town is Mykonos (Chora). It is a perfect example of Cycladic architecture with narrow streets and alleys that would take you to not-known places.

If you get lost, which is very easy, do not panic: The Chora of Mykonos is a small town and you will find your way back quite soon.

Mykonos town is a place where you will find boutiques, French restaurants, churches, taverns, gold shops and internet cafés.

There are five museums in Mykonos: Archaeological, Folklore, the Aegean Maritime, Museum of Delos and the Agricultural. Every one of them is fabulous and filled with many treasures waiting to be discovered by the traveler.

It is also the home of Petros the Pelican. Walking along the harbor would take you to “Little Venice”. There are a lot of museums and churches to visit. Don’t miss the Mykonos windmills as well.

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