Mykonos Little Venice

Mykonos little Venice

If you see a photo of Mykonos usually it is of Little Venice.

Considered one of the hidden surprises of Mykonos, the settlement of Alefkantra (or Little Venice) is located to the east side of the harbor.

It stretches from the beach of Alefkantra to the old Castle (Kastro) District.

Houses with balconies, windows and door built right on the sea; all make Little Venice a unique place. The houses date back to the middle of the 18th century.

The waves breaking under the wooden terraces create a unique site. Many artists have painted the houses built over the sea and the area is still a favorite place for artists to meet. Its narrow streets designed to confuse once the pirates, now can only confuse a tourist looking for the best place to view the sunset.

Few of the old houses are now very stylish and romantic discos, while others are taverns. They are great places to spend some time, even the dishes can have a rather high price tag. Some of the houses are still private residences.

Though a bit windy, nothing is compared to an evening spent on one of the terraces in Little Venice in Mykonos town, watching the sunset and enjoying the great Greek cuisine.

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