Picturesque villages in Milos

The capital of Milos is Plaka and the main harbor is Adamas.

Plaka is a traditional village with narrow back streets, white-washed houses and churches. The Castro (Castle) is the area on the summit of the hill, but it’s not inhabited anymore after the destruction of the ancient city of Klima. Kimisi of Theotokou is a worth-visiting church located within the Castro.

In Klima there are the remains of a Roman theatre and some of the town walls. Plaka has a magnificent architecture and is well known for its mild climate and the magnificent views of the Gulf of Milos. You can also enjoy magnificent sunsets if you decide to spend a romantic evening at Castro.

At the archaeological site of Klima in the town of Plaka there have been found a lot of valuable art works like the famous statues Venus de Milo (housed in Louvre) and the Asclepius (housed in British Museum), to name just a few.

Other picturesque villages of Milos are Pollonia, Pera, Tripi, Pera Triovassalos, Triovasalos, Plakes, and Zefyria.

Pollonia is the second most important tourist resorts in Milos. It is a fishing village with sandy beaches, white-washed houses and the charming church of Saint Paraskevi. Taverns, quaint (traditional island coffee shops) and restaurants welcome all the tourists.

Adamas is a tourism center and a port, with approximately one thousand inhabitants. You can find quiet places to relax and nice places to have fun all the night. There are two beaches you can enjoy. You can spend some time enjoying the local cuisine in restaurants, ouzeries, grills and many other places to eat. The Mining Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum are both located in Adamas.

Tripi is famous for the imposing church of Saint Nicholas and for its windmills on the hillside which used to grind wheat but now provide accommodation for tourists.

Klima is another colorful fishing village which offers magnificent views of the Aegean Sea.

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