Mining Museum of Milos

Milos, the southernmost island in the Cyclades, always had something to do with mining. Currently, the active mines are privately owned and the companies employ 25% of the work force on the island. Hence, no wonder that two of the most important sites on the island are the sulphur mine and the Mining Museum of Milos .

Located on the east coast of the island is a beach called Paleorema. You’ll be astonished by the yellowish pebbles which are found in the former mining area. Once, here was an old sulphur mine. Now you can see the ghostly ruined factory which was closed in 1956 and can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the yellowish pebbles mixing with the emerald sea

The Mining Museum of Milos opened in 1998 for the public with the intention of drawing attention to the mining history of Milos. In the entrance hall you can admire a geological map and a picture explaining how a volcano erupts. You can also see tools used today for mining but also tools and equipment from the past.

Also you can admire exhibits of rocks and minerals from all over Greece, as well as aluminum, fossils, alumina, obsidian and bauxite. There is also a display of photographs from the closed mine at Vani, the sulphur mine at Paleorema and from the site where mill-stones were quarried.

An interesting tool on display was found at Agia Kyriaki and dates back to the Roman period. Back then the tool was used for grind minerals.

Many more surprises await you at the Mining Museum of Milos . The admission is free and there are even free guided tours available on request.


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