Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos

Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos is a thousand year old Holy Trinity church, located in Adamas, closeby the waterfront on Milos.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos includes collections representing many centuries of the christian art on the island. You can admire icons, wood carvings and votive offerings to Russia.

The church housing the Ecclesiastical museum is very old (842 A.D) and underwent several reconstructions. One the most important took place during the Frankish rule, as the reconstruction influenced a lot the church’s architecture.

The church is still a place of worship but it also houses exhibits of 14th century icons, paintings, wood-carved lecterns, silver chalices and censers and gold votive offerings (necklaces, rings, ear rings).

The rare architecture of the Ecclesiastical museum, along with the exhibits appeal to the public and everyone wants to visit it. Orthodox aren’t the only Christians who come to worship and to admire tokens of their religion.

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