Churches and Monasteries in Milos

church in Milos

As an old Christianity center, Milos is filled with churches and monasteries. Most of them are built in simple Aegean style: small, whitewashed, domed roof, located in the center of the villages.

The Church of Panaghia Korfiatissa is located in the capital (Plaka). When visiting the church you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea as well as great sunsets. Inside the church you can admire icons from the Byzantine Cretan School. The church also houses a gold-plated epitaphios (tomb of Christ) and various religious artifacts from abandoned churches on the island.

The Church of Panaghia ton Rodon (Virgin of the roses) is a catholic church built in 1823. Louis Brest, the founder of the church, and his wife are buried in the courtyard. Another catholic church is the Catholic Church of Agios Nikolaos, dating from 1827.

The Church of Panaghia Thalassitra dates from 1738 and most of the icons are painted by the famous Miloan artist, Emmanuel Skordilis. If you see a photograph of a church from Milos it’s probably of the Church of Panaghia Thalassitra because it’s most photographed church on the island.

The Monastery of Saint Ioannis Siderianos got its name from a miracle. It dates back to 1582 and it houses documents preserved through the centuries, as a testimony of the miracle. It is said that during a feast some pirates appeared and the crowed took shelter in the church. They prayed to saint Ioannis to turn the church’s door to iron. The prayer had been answered but a pirate climbed up the roof and through a hole pushed his arm with a pistol aiming at the believers. Another miracle happened and the pirate’s hand “withered” and the pistol fell into the church where can still be admired.

Other churches located on the island of Milos are: Panagia Kypos, Panagia Tourliani, Prophet Elias, Panagia Faneromeni, Prophet Elias of Klima, The Church of Saint Nikolaos, The Church of Saint Spyridon, to name just a few.

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