Milos Archaeological Museum

Milos Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Plaka the capital of Milos. It was founded in 1985. The museum is housed in a nice neo-classical building. The museum’s exhibitions show the history of Milos since the Neolithic age.

One of the nicest pieces on display is the statue of the Venus de Milo. Although it is a copy produced by the Louvre Museum, the statue is magnificent. In the main exhibition hall you can also see a 6th century B.C. funeral urn, a robed 3rd century B.C. statue and many more.

Another section shows life in the Neolithic age and there are on display knives, arrow and spear heads, and obsidian tools, most from Filakopi, Demenagaki and Nihia.

Another section of the Archaeological Museum of Milos displays the cultural and artistic development of Ancient Klima. Among the pieces on display you can find bas-relief tombstone believed to date from 3rd century B.C., and some small commemorative statues, one of them representing Aphrodite with Eros. Flat stones show the ancient Greek alphabet (only 21 letters).

Another hall houses items from the ancient city of Filakopi. Among them you can see urns and marble sculptured figurines and idols.

In other room in the Archeological Museum of Milos you may admore coins, blades, knives and bronze statuettes, all dating back to the 5th and 4th century B.C., as well as glass and clay pots from the Roman period and idols of the Hellenistic period.


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