milos island

Milos is part of the Cyclades islands and is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea.

Milos is the southernmost island of the Cyclades. From east to west the island is 23 km wide, while from north to south it measures 13 km, having an estimated area of about 151 square kilometers. The highest mountain is Mount Profitis Elias (748 m) located in the western part of Milos.

The natural harbor cuts the island into two equal parts, creating an isthmus of about 18 km. Due to its volcanic origin, there are still hot sulphur springs to the east of the harbor and the heat is great in the caves located on the south coast.

Milos is the most western island of the Cyclades with 5.500 inhabitants scattered over 7 small towns.

Milos is known as the place where the statue of Venus was discovered. The Venus of Milos is now in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

It is only recently that tourism has noticed the beautiful beaches of this Cycladic island, its rocks and clear waters.

Milos is “the Island of Colors” thanks to its splendid, manifold beauties of volcanic origin. The island is ample, as a very large and beautiful gulf is in the very middle of it, giving Milos a horseshoe shape.

How to get to Milos

You can get to Milos by ferry from Piraeus and the trip takes about 6-8 hours. You can also get to Milos by plane from Athens Airport and the flight takes about 45 minutes. Milos is reached from any airport in the world via Athens Airport. You can also take the Flying Dolphin from Rafina Port and the trip takes little over 3 and a half hours.

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