Halkidiki or Chalikidiki

Halkidiki or Chalkidiki in Greece

Halkidiki or Chalkidiki is a peninsula, southeast of the city of Thessaloniki (Greece’s second largest city). With its characteristic three peninsulas (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos), it resembles a trident piercing the Aegean.

Sunny, golden sandy beaches, deep and picturesque gulfs, traditional villages and modern tourist resorts, small islands and sheltered bays, pine-clad hills descending to the sea, Mediterranean climate and magnificent natural beauty compose the picture of today’s Halkidiki.

The capital of Chalkidiki is Poligiros, located in the center of Halkidiki (69 km from Thessaloniki). Transportation is made mainly by car or by bus and the closest airport is “Airport Macedonia”, near the city of Thessaloniki.

No matter where you go, Chalkidiki cannot fail to please you. Throughout, an effort has been made to develop tourist facilities that are in keeping with the natural surroundings. Most of the hotels and private homes in the area are built in the traditional Macedonian style, designed to enhance rather then detract from the environment. In planning for tourism, the people of Chalkidiki have tried to make their resorts as appealing and as ecologically sound as possible.

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