Hippocrates, the father of Medicine

hippocrates kos

Hippocrates, called the great or father of medicine, was born on Kos in 460 BC in April or on 27th Agriamiou (an ancient name for the month of January or November).

Hippocrates father was the doctor Iracleides whose origins were from Asclepios and he was the 18th grandchild of Asclepios.

A saying concerning the therapies of Hippocrates is still famous today: “Diseases which are not cured by medicine, are cured by the knife. The ones, which are not cured by the knife, are cured by cauterization. The ones which can not be cured by cauterization must be considered uncurable.”

Hippocrates was the first to have put form and order to medical science and introduced the method therapy of diseases.

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