ALBA Graduate Business School

alba graduate business school

ALBA Graduate Business School was founded in 1992, through a joint initiative of the Federation of Greek Industries, the leading Employers’ Union in Greece, and the Greek Management Association, both the preparation for the creation of ALBA Graduate Business School and its operations until the end of 1993 were funded by the European Commission and by contributions offered by its Corporate Members.

In February 1995, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined the Federation of Greek Industries and the Greek Management Association to become the third collective body of Greek businesses under whose auspices ALBA now operates.

ALBA Graduate Business School is a not-for-profit educational association of more than 65 Greek corporations. It operates outside the Greek formal (state) educational system as a Laboratory of Liberal Studies. Its operations are funded by tuition’s and fees, contributions by employers’ organizations and by corporate and individual donations.

ALBA Graduate Business School mission is to educate visionary leaders of tomorrow who will act as agents of change and help shape the future business world by pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge related to the management of business organizations and making that knowledge relevant to practitioners. Generating and disseminating knowledge represent our twin objectives.

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