DIAS International Academic Studies in Greece

DIAS International Academic Studies, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the necessary arrangements for students from all over the world to attend accredited summer courses at Greek universities.

Students are given the opportunity to feel the timeless legacy of Greece and study the roots of the Western Civilization at its birthplace.

Since 1995, the DIAS Program has been attended by students from numerous universities. The summer courses have thus far been offered by the University Of Crete at Rethymnon and the Technical University of Crete at Chania.

DIAS is currently in the process of organizing additional programs to be offered by other Greek universities such as: The University of Athens, The Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, The University of Ioannina, The University of Patras, The University of the Aegean, and others.

Students of the DIAS Summer Academic Programs in Crete can also attend the DIAS Cultural Program, free of charge. Attendees of the Cultural Program can learn Cretan Folk Dances or Cretan musical instrument like the Lyra, Laouto, Mandolino and Violi. As of 2005, the Cultural Program added classes in Painting, Drawing and Sculpture at Chania.

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