Greek Language Summer Course in Crete University

The Modern Greek Language Summer Course at the University of Crete, faculty of Letters, is structured in three levels:

  • Modern Greek for Beginners
  • Modern Greek – Intermediate
  • Modern Greek – Advanced

Greek Level 1 (Beginners) introduces main structural features of Modern Greek and examines Case (Nominative – Accusative of Nouns and Adjectives), Tense (Present, Simple Past and Future) and Subjunctive, based on elementary communicative acts and settings (greeting, speaking on the phone, asking about prices, etc.).

Greek Level 2 (Intermediate) completes the basic grammar of Modern Greek examining Genitive Case and goes further into the morphology of the nominal and adjectival system. It also examines Passive Voice, Imperfect Aspect and Perfect Tenses, presenting cultural-communicative acts, such as wishing.

Greek Level 3 (Advanced) focuses on thematic vocabulary and explores peripheral cases of the nominal and the verbal system. The syntactic component focuses on subordination (complements or adverbials). The texts present main aspects of Greek culture and civilization.

The course is mainly communicative, encouraging oral and written production in everyday situations. At the same time (and this concerns mainly beginners and intermediate level), it highlights systematically the basic structural features of Modern Greek (Morphology and Syntax).

The University does not offer summer accommodation, which is the students’ own responsibility.

NOTE. In 2007 the Greek Language course started on Monday, 02-Jul-2007 and finished on Saturday, 28-Jul-2007. The Tuition fees (400 euros) had to be paid on arrival to the National Bank of Greece. The course covered 80 teaching hours, from Monday to Friday, for four hours per day in the morning (09.00 to 13.00). Students were given the teaching material for free. At the end of the course, students were given a certificate, after a (successful) final exam.

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